Let's Chat With Musician Mitch Grassi!

I found the great Mitch Grassi voice, probably in reverse compared to other fans. I left my YouTube running music in the background as I worked, a few months back. Listening to a variety of genres and track after track, I worked and listened. At a point, an awesome track played and I stopped my work to see "Who the fuck is this?"cause I dug it. A rare thing nowadays. I saw the artists name "Messer" and added the track "Angels Pray" to the save file. Little did I know, Mitch Grassi was behind this project, as I stumbled onto his social media page a little later. I then went backwards, looking at his extremely impressive career with Pentatonix. I was very interested to talk briefly with Mitch, about his musical beginnings, Messer and..oh yeah, also being a three time grammy award winner.

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MWTD: For those who may not know you can you give us a little information on who you are and what you do?

Mitch Grassi: Hello! I’m Mitch. I’m a musician.

MWTD: You are known for your amazing voice... When did you realize that your singing was unique and stood out?

Mitch Grassi: I just remember receiving quite a bit of praise for it when I was a kid, especially when I would perform in the musical theatre space. My parents and instructors were constantly encouraging me to pursue it.

MWTD: Was there voice training from the start or was it more self teaching till you got to a certain level?

Mitch Grassi: I did take vocal lessons when I became a teenager, but prior to that, it was mostly just on-stage experience. I stopped studying voice at 19 and haven’t had a lesson since, but I would love to work with an instructor again some day. There’s always room for improvement.

Photo taken from @mitchgrassi

MWTD: Did you have a mentor when entering the professional start of your career?

Mitch Grassi: Not an official mentor figure, no.

MWTD: I am late to the party, but How did Pentatonix start out?

Mitch Grassi: It started out as a trio for a radio competition, and then we added two more members to compete on NBC’s The Sing-Off.

MWTD: Three of the members, you've told me, you met growing up in Texas. How did you go about finding the two additional members ?

Mitch Grassi: We found Kevin, our beatboxer, on Youtube and Avi, our original bass, through a mutual friend

MWTD: What was your top personal achievement with Pentatonix?

Mitch Grassi: Winning three Grammys. It’s still surreal to me. I still stare at them and wonder if they’re really there, or if I really deserve them!

Photo taken from www.ptxofficial.com

MWTD: Three Grammy's most people (I assume) hit that and it's done! They can say, "I made it!" was this award something that pushed you to go harder or was it something that made you take a breath, slow down and choose what's next more confidently and more on your own pace?

Mitch Grassi: In my mind, it sort of became a legacy to live up to. And also, I'm never fully satisfied. I think it's the artist's blessing and curse!

MWTD: I went backwards from Messer to your career as people know it. However, in prior writings about you, it seemed that your start or beginning was within musical theatre. Has there been a chance or thought to push forward more in theatre or film?

Mitch Grassi: Honestly, I’m terrified of performing on stage in any other context other than strictly music. The pressure to perform night after night on a Broadway (or Broadway-adjacent) stage is too immense for me. I’m a sensitive soul! I’ve always loved the idea of being on camera, even though that terrifies me, as well.

MWTD: What has been your favorite moment(s) within your musical journey?

Mitch Grassi: The most exciting moments for me are when I’m really present throughout a creative process from inception to final product, especially when I have most of the creative control. It still feels like sorcery to me, and I hope I keep that sense of wonder forever.

MWTD: What is the goal with your newer solo project Messer? I know it was more something started due to time, COVID and restrictions but was this something planned before that?

Mitch Grassi: It’s something I had been thinking about for a while. I have within me a vision, an incessant burn like an insatiable hunger, almost. On the days when I don’t get the chance to work toward the vision, I feel hollow. There are certain things I need to say, certain sounds I need to make, and I won’t feel fulfilled until I do. I hope that answers the question!

Photo taken from @messer - shot by @austintaylormacedo

MWTD: What has been some inspiration to you lately when working on new music or any art for you?

Mitch Grassi: Grounding myself. Going on walks outside. Putting my phone away. I’m very inspired by artists and musicians that are committed to making art that is incomparable to other work.

MWTD: Has there been any musical talent you’ve come across that you believe needs more attention they have or are getting?

Mitch Grassi: My friends know that I’m deeply obsessed with the group Autechre. They are masters of sound design. How they’ve continued to keep their sound fresh since the late 80s blows my mind. I just want to scream in people’s faces about how good they are!

MWTD: Has there been a musical project/genre you wanted to tackle but haven’t as of yet?

Mitch Grassi: I would love to explore making more “instrumental” electronic music, sans a vocal.

MWTD: When it comes to fashion, who is a big influence to you?

Mitch Grassi: I’m inspired by so many people! Figures in the early days of synth music, trail-blazing fashion designers….people with good style who would never think of chasing a trend. Style is forever! My creative director Austin Macedo inspires me a lot, too. He really knows his history, and I’ve learned so much from him.

Photo taken from @mitchgrassi

MWTD: Has there been any thought on starting your own fashion/merch line?

Mitch Grassi: Merch will definitely be coming sooner rather than later. I would love to design a fashion line somewhere down the road. I think it would be very exciting.

MWTD: What are something’s fans would be surprised to know about you/your career?

Mitch Grassi: I think people would be surprised to know how hard I am on myself. I don’t give myself much grace, so it takes me a bit longer to be completely satisfied with a project.

MWTD: What can we expect next for you?

Mitch Grassi: I have a new song coming out in June!

You can follow Mitch Grassi on his Instagram @mitchgrassi and can listen to Messer's music right now HERE!

Interview Conducted by A. Is Anonymouse